Secure your peace of mind with high-quality protection dogs for Sale

The purchase of a protection dog is an investment in the safety of your family and possessions. A well-trained protection dog is a powerful weapon against crime and other threats.

However, it is important to consider your lifestyle and resources before purchasing a protection dog. Many protection dogs for sale have never stepped foot inside of a home and maybe overstimulated when strangers come in for deliveries, furniture pickups, contractors or repairmen.


A protection dog is a great asset to anyone who feels they, their family, or their home could be in danger one day. These dogs are crisp on obedience, good with children, familiar in homes, love to go jogging, and provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will respond on command to apprehend a threat.

Harrison K-9’s level 1 family protection dogs (also known as IPO) are trained for obedience, tracking and response to on-command attack cues. Then they are matched with the right handler who can make them into a trusted, loving family guard dog.

Many protection dogs that have been trained to apprehend people for various dog sports like Schutzhund, IPO and Mondio Ring never go into the real world of family protection. They may be a bit too aggressive or overly focused on their work and are often not comfortable or acclimated to the life of a home dog. That’s why all of Harrison K-9’s family protection dogs are home-raised right from the start.


Protection dogs aren’t your typical household pets. They are highly trained to assess situations and will often protect you on their own without a command. This doesn’t make them aggressive. In fact, they are well-balanced and friendly around children.

If you are considering a protection dog, it is important to consider your family dynamics and how everyone will interact with the dog. They also require a lot of attention and money to keep happy, including food, training, vet visits, and grooming.

It is essential to choose a trainer with an excellent reputation in the industry. Many people mistakenly purchase protection dogs from self-proclaimed “protection dog specialists” who have little to no experience. These “green” dogs were typically raised in kennels from birth, and have limited obedience training. They have also likely not been health tested, which greatly reduces their working abilities and lifespan. This type of dog is not the best choice for your home.


Whether you need to protect yourself, family members, property or your business, there’s no better way than with a protective dog. Every year, these fearless canines deter thousands of attacks and save their owners from being harmed or assaulted.

Choosing the right protection dog for you requires careful consideration and planning. Many companies offer protection dogs for sale, but not all of them are created equal. Look for breeders and trainers who specialize in personal protection. This ensures that you are purchasing a true protection dog and not just a breed that can perform certain actions.

Additionally, you should think about your living situation. A protection dog will require a significant amount of time, attention, and resources to care for and train. You should consider how you’ll integrate your new companion into your daily routine before making any final decisions. Lastly, you should always purchase insurance for your protection dog. This will help cover any injuries or damages that may occur during a protection scenario.


In addition to a home alarm system, a well-trained protection dog is an asset for anyone who feels their family members, property or businesses may be in danger one day. Many high-profile individuals, celebrities and business owners find comfort in knowing that a personal protection dog is at their disposal.

The key is finding a trainer that can properly train the dog to react to the right situations with split-second timing and brilliant accuracy. This is not something that can be taught to a show dog that thinks only about looks and trophies.

If the dog isn’t trained to respond correctly, it may bite someone in a stressful situation that doesn’t call for canine intervention. This could cost the owner a lot of money because the insurance company will cancel the homeowner’s or business insurance if there is even a first bite by a guard dog. This is why XINSURANCE offers specialized liability policies for all protection dogs, regardless of their breed.

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