Scent-Free Storage: Organizing With Smell-Proof Bags at Home

While showering in scent-eliminating soap and washing hunting clothes in scent-free detergents are common steps to take for hunters on the road, many forget about cleaning and storing their gear at home. This can lead to musty odors and even mold.

To keep your gear smelling fresh, use a Smell proof bag with a carbon liner. These bags can be recharged by putting them in the dryer to remove odors from sweaty clothing, smoking gear or cannabis.

Scent-Free Clothing Storage

Keeping hunting clothing scent-free while it’s not being worn is vital to your success on the hunt. Start by laundering clothes before storing them to remove any sweat, dirt, or food that may damage or attract moths and other pests.

Rather than using ordinary plastic bags that only reduce odors instead of eliminating them, use a Formline Supply odor-proof bag that has a 5-layer system to lock in and eliminate odors. These bags have microscopic pores that trap odors before they can escape the bag, keeping them inside where they belong.

Baking soda and lavender sachets are other good options for removing and eliminating foul smells from stored clothes. You can also add a few bags of activated charcoal to your storage containers or closet to quickly absorb odors. Lastly, some hunters place handfuls of pine boughs or commercial scent wafers into storage containers to infuse clothing with natural scent. This is a great trick to use in the garage or tool shed, where strong scents like gasoline can affect your hunting gear.

Scent-Free Vehicle Storage

Many people spend a lot of time in their cars, and keeping it smelling fresh can be challenging. One handy DIY trick that can help is to store a box of dryer sheets in your car, explains a Reddit user named j-mt. Dryer sheets can absorb odors from shoes, trash bags, and even smoking and cooking, and they last longer than an air freshener or Febreze. They’re also cheaper than buying a scented car spray.

Scent-Free Garage Storage

In a garage, storage shed or basement, damp or cold air can promote mildew and mold as well as bad odors. A ceiling- or wall-mounted exhaust fan helps regulate temperature and moisture, and draw stale fumy air outside. Keep garbage can lids secure, and move hazardous chemicals, spoiled food and half-empty paint cans outside where they won’t stink up the area.

For a burst of fresh scent in enclosed spaces, a Concentrated Room Spray or Fragrance Spheres make great options. They’re both easy to store and deliver long-lasting home fragrance, plus an extra burst of scent with just a shake. They’re also safe to use near pets and children. If you want to repurpose plastic bags for scent-free storage, consider buying a pack of smell proof bags from Formline Supply. They’re designed with 5 layers to lock in odors, and each layer contains millions of microscopic pores that absorb foul odors like a skunk without letting the gas contents escape over time.

Scent-Free Office Storage

If you work in an office environment where there are employees who regularly use scented products and it is affecting your ability to do your job, it may be time to approach them discreetly about their habits. Fragrance chemicals can be irritating to many people including those with asthma, migraines, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Mast Cell Disease and allergies like peanuts and latex.

Ordinary sandwich-style plastic bags are not designed to be smell proof because they have microscopic pores that can allow the contents of the bag to emit odors over time. A Formline Supply Odor-Proof Bag uses a 5-layer system that locks in scents instead of releasing them.

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