How to Solve a 3x3x3 Cube in 3.13 Seconds

When Max Park slammed down a solved speed cube 3×3 cube in 3.13 seconds at a competition in Southern California last June, he stunned the speedcubing community. The autistic teenager had beaten the previous record set by Yusheng Du.

Speed cubes are designed to turn fast with minimal friction between layers. This allows for optimal algorithm execution.

1. Speed

Whether you’re a fan of nail-biting competition or simply enjoy a good puzzle, speed cubing may be the perfect fit. The fastest cubers memorize hundreds of sequences, or algorithms, that allow them to solve the puzzle using only their fingers.

Many algorithms are designed to change just one part of the cube without interfering with other parts. For instance, there are algorithms that flip the orientation of a pair of edges without changing their positions on the rest of the cube.

These techniques are used to achieve high turnover rates, or turns per second (TPS). The most popular methods for solving the standard 3x3x3 cube are CFOP, Roux, and ZZ. These three methods can be solved in the fastest time possible, though other solutions exist.

2. Stability

One of the best things about a quality speed cube is that it will be very stable. This means that it will not fall apart while you are performing a solve or pop out any of the pieces during a competition, which is a big deal in this sport.

A quality cube will also have excellent corner cutting and not be prone to twists or pops. This is especially important when you are performing algorithms as it allows you to be much more accurate with your execution.

The Gan 11 M Pro is the cream of the crop in terms of stability and is among the best 3×3 speed cubes on the market. It has incredible adjustability with a dual adjustment system for both tension and compression and the ability to modify magnet strength on its own.

3. Catching

A good cube should have minimal catching, which happens when a layer of one side catches on another. This can slow down the algorithm and ruin your experience. A well-designed cube will have very little catching, while poorly designed ones will have a lot.

Cubes optimized for speed have lesser friction between layers, so they turn fast and feel light. This allows you to perform algorithms quickly and reach your goal at the earliest. However, this may come at the cost of control, especially for beginners. This is the reason why many cubers prefer medium-weighted cubes. One such great cube is the Gan 11 M Pro. This is the latest offering from GAN and is highly regarded as one of the best cubes available.

4. Lockups

As speedcubers we often have multiple cubes. This allows us to have one that is our main, another that is extra quiet and used for school or other places where noise absence is important, etc. Each one has its own set of characteristics that we love and prefer.

Some speedcubes have a fast turning feel to them, others have more friction and resistance when you turn their layers. It is up to the individual to decide which is best for them.

Many of these cubes also have rounded edges for a smoother feeling while turning the cube. Some have adjustable tension which allows the player to customize the cube for their own personal feel and to increase or decrease the turning strength. This is all to provide the best quality cubing experience.

5. Lube

Lubricants improve the speed and control of your cube. They should be applied after cleaning the pieces and before reassembling your cube. There are many lubricants available but we recommend using silicon or PFPE based lubes as they are safe for the plastic of your cube. Denser lubes are best for core pieces and light lubes are better for edge pieces.

Cubelelo Velocity is a fast, high-quality silicone lubricant that increases your cube’s speed and smoothness. It is recommended for 3×3 speed cubes and other high-performance cubes.

This is one of the best lubes currently available. It is a spray lube that is easy to apply. It also lasts very long so you won’t need to reapply it often. This lube comes with a nozzle so you can easily control the amount of lube you want to apply.

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